Tandem paragliding pilots

Josef Nindl with a passenger on a tandem flight in Zell am See

Paragliding with professionals!

Falken Air consists of independent pilots who love to share their passion for flying with our guests.

A highly professional and friendly team of tested and certified tandem professionals and flight instructors make your flight a perfect experience.

We take time for you and safety and your trust in us are our top priority!

All of our pilots have turned their passion into their vocation. Each pilot not only has years of experience in a wide range of flight disciplines and in tandem, but also flies almost every day.

Some pilots with satisfied guests at the landing site

We'll get you safely to the valley!

We glide safely with you from the Schmittenhöhe and other mountain peaks down to the valley! You will discover popular ones sights & attractions of Zell am See and other regions from a bird's eye view.

Would you like to find out more about Falken Air? Then take a look at what it is Zell am See-Kaprun Tourism Association write about us like this...

how it all began...

about Us

Sepp started paragliding 20 years ago. He actually started flying when he was a small child, as his father's "co-pilot" on countless flights in a propeller plane from the Zell am See airfield. Sometimes he missed school the next day because the planned flight took a little longer, including an overnight stay. It quickly became clear that flying would accompany him throughout his life.

At the age of 17, he began his own career: first solo on countless cross-country flights, acrobatic maneuvers, speed rides and more, and after a few years he was already flying tandems with many friends and relatives. During his studies, he also flew with numerous guests in Tyrol and Salzburg for many tandem companies.

When he founded his family business “The Falkenstein – The Flying Hotel“, Falken Air was founded. Since then, many hundreds of regulars, friends and visitors from all over the world have flown with him and other pilots. Here is also a Article from the top dog.

Tandem paragliding Zell am See in winter with snow

Sepp Nindl

“Man has dreamed of flying like a bird (or falcon ;)) for centuries. We would like to show you exactly this fascinating feeling for a few moments!”

Even outside of professional tandem flying, flying has been a part of Sepp's life for over 20 years: attempting new cross-country flight records in Brazil and the Alps, learning new aerobatic maneuvers (acrobatics) or climbing mountains and then flying from the highest peaks of the Alps.

In combination with skydiving and base jumping, he continuously trains his flying and free-fall skills. Even after the tandem flights, the motivation often doesn't stop and people still train diligently and fly with friends. Here are a few experiences:

  • Large cross-country flights in the Alps (FAI triangles):
  1. Stoderzinken with 285 km – personal record
  2. Zillertal with 276 km
  3. Antholz with 246 km
  • Numerous Alpine crossings with paragliders
  • Large cross-country flights Brazil (Personal Best: 441 and 425 km)
  • Hike & Fly from the highest peaks of our Alps (Großglockner, Großes Wiesbachhorn, Hocheiser, Großvenediger, Kitzsteinhorn summit, Ortler, and much more.)
  • adventure and travel with the paraglider in South America, Australia, India, Nepal, Iceland, South Africa, Norway, ...
  • Acrobatic flights and constant training of new aerobatic maneuvers (Cork, Misty, McTwist, Helico, Infinity Tumbling)
  • Trained professional photographer, parachutist, Motor gliders and BASE jumper

Tom Seeber

Short and sweet: “I fly because I want to be free… and tandem because I want people to be happy…”

(That means: I fly because I want to be free – and tandem because I want to make people happy :)) – and our free spirit Tom always ensures a great mood!

Tom Seeber tandem pilot
Christina our female tandem pilot

Christina Druck

Christina is joy of life and motivation personified. She flies because she wants to feel freedom in the air. She loves to take her paraglider with her when she travels and explores the world.

She has been flying since 2010, is a tandem pilot and flight instructor, mental trainer and graphic designer.

Why she likes to take you into the air with her - it's quite simple: "I want to pass on a piece of all the beautiful experiences that I associate with flying - give you a change of perspective and show you that indescribable feeling up there."

Winni Pottendorfer

Winni has already had many interesting experiences, for example on icy walls at 6000 m or in Ironman competitions. For him, however, nothing comes close to the direct feeling of flying with a paraglider “and besides, it’s not that strenuous”

Despite having made well over a thousand flights in various variations of the sport, every moment in the air is a gift for him.
He wants to convey or share this and is a full-time flight instructor and tandem pilot.

Winni a flight instructor
Pilot David Geieregger from Falken Air Tandem Paragliding Zell am See


“Paragliding allows me to see the mountains in a whole new way and with the tandem I can take passengers with me and show them what I love about flying.”

Been flying since 2019 (approx. 2000 flights)

Gliding into the valley after a strenuous climb will always be a special experience for me.

The versatility of paragliding means you never get bored. Be it on long cross-country flights, showing a passenger the fascination of flying or flying just above the ground with a speed glider.

Eugene Wolf

Flight instructor and tandem pilot as well as an enthusiastic cross-country pilot.

Eugen opened his own check and paragliding service company, Paragliding Service Wolf, in autumn 2023. He is therefore also highly trained in terms of testing and equipment technology.

another pilot
Fabian a tandem pilot

Fabian Reichholf

“Flying in all its diversity is freedom and life!”

Whether it's a tandem flight, a quick hike&fly or long-distance flights - every free minute is spent in the air with Fabian. The Oberpinzgauer loves nature, the mountains and passing on the indescribable feeling of flying to his passengers.

  • Flying since 2014
  • 260km FAI triangle through the Pinzgau
  • Victory in the overall ranking in the 33-hour “on-board air race” competition
  • Numerous flights from the highest mountains in Austria

Alfi Aigner

“Standing at the summit is something beautiful but then flying from there to the valley offers you a new view of life.”

Our cheerful Alfi will welcome you at the shuttle bus landing site, will be happy to answer any questions you may have and then drive us to the cable car.

Team photo with driver Alfi